Close Call: Tourists Terrified as Elephants Charge at Safari Jeep in Indian Wildlife Sanctuary

A hair-raising incident unfolded as a group of tourists encountered a herd of angry elephants charging at their jeep in Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala, India.

The driver’s decision to honk the horn escalated the situation, causing the tourists to panic.

In the video, the alarmed matriarch of the elephant family aggressively moves toward the jeep while the frightened tourists inside yell and quickly accelerate.


Watch the video at the end.

Video caught the terrifying moment a furious elephant charged at a tourists’ jeep after the driver decided to sound their horn. Source: Newslions

When the driver decided to honk the horn, the jeep approached the herd, which included three adult elephants and two calves.

As the horn sounded, the elephants began trumpeting and moved off the road. However, when the jeep attempted to pass by, the 6,000-pound leader of the group turned and charged at the vehicle.


The intense chase lasted for a nerve-wracking eight seconds before the matriarch halted her pursuit.

The matriarch was seen to be rushing at the vehicle while the herd, which included two other adults and two calves, looked on. Source: Newslions

Shouts of distress can be heard from the men in the jeep as they eventually stop safely from the elephant family. The video is believed to have been recorded just five days ago.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary allows private vehicles to enter and those provided by the Kerala Forest Department.


In December 2017, a similar incident occurred when a lone bull elephant was captured on video charging at vehicles in the park.

Moments before the 6,000lb animal charged, the group had been returning to the bushes. Source: Newslions

Watch the video below: