Close Encounter: Diver’s Spine-Chilling Experience with ‘Zombie Shark

In a hair-raising underwater moment, a filmmaker has captured the heart-stopping scene of a great white shark coming incredibly close to Euan Rannachan, who was securely positioned within an underwater cage.

The remarkable footage unveils the apex predator encircling the cage, then attacking bait and creating a frenzy in the water.

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After consuming its meal, the shark reveals its rows of razor-sharp teeth while keeping its eyes shut, giving it an uncanny and seemingly lifeless appearance, prompting some to liken it to a “zombie.”


“I’ve been fascinated by sharks since childhood, but I didn’t dive with white sharks until 2016,” the man shared. “After that first experience, I was captivated and established a company that takes people to Guadalupe Island to witness these magnificent creatures.”

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The spine-chilling video, shot from within a shark cage, commences with a massive great white shark homing in on a bait block attached to the boat.

Yet, the scenario takes a hair-raising turn as the predator’s eyes roll backward upon grabbing the bait.


Captured in slow-motion detail, the predator’s distinctive “great whites” eyes are prominently displayed as it takes a bite, coming astonishingly close to the camera.

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Despite resembling a classic horror film scene, this eerie behavior serves as a standard defensive tactic, safeguarding the shark’s eyes during feeding.

“They close their eyes because sometimes their prey fights back,” explained the 36-year-old. “So, when the white shark goes into attack mode, it deploys a protective mechanism over its eyes, ensuring their safety during the battle.”


Although this behavior is a natural defense, the shark’s startling appearance left a strong impression on viewers on YouTube. “Absolutely a zombie shark right there,” remarked one individual, while another added, “That’s a great white shark. This is truly chilling!”

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