Courageous Calf: A Baby Elephant’s Adorable Attempt to Intimidate Tourists

An endearing incident was recently captured on camera involving a one-year-old elephant calf boldly approaching a bus filled with tourists, only to reconsider its decision and hastily retreat to its mother.

The brave yet naive elephant calf was spotted charging the touring visitors who were vacationing at the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. The calf even tried elevating its hind legs to mimic an intimidating display.

However, the rest of the elephant herd continued to graze peacefully, paying little attention to the calf’s dramatic antics.


Realizing its solo stand, the calf quickly reversed its daring plan, turning its tail and sprinting back to its mother.

Image 103
Getting ready: The calf stands by the herd as the tourist’s film from a nearby bus.

Amy Alderman, associated with The Bushcamp Company, organized these photographic safaris and remarked on the event’s uniqueness. “It’s rather rare to observe a young calf behaving this way.

Usually, calves of this age tend to stay close to their mothers, and it seems this little one is making his early strides into the world.”


“Observing him attempting a jump, which is quite a challenge for an elephant, suggests he’s a bit spirited and seems to be exploring his limits,” Alderman added.

Image 104
Feeling brave: The baby elephant then takes a run-up to the bemused tourists.

She further noted the amusing moment when the calf, after failing to draw attention from the herd or frighten the tourists, resorted to seeking his mother’s presence.

Alderman said, “Watching elephants, particularly when the herd includes young ones of this age, is an absolute delight.


It’s incredibly heartwarming to see them trying to figure out their world and learn the use of their trunks.”

Image 105
It rears up onto its hind legs as it attempts to scare the holidaymakers.
Image 106
And … run away! The baby elephant thinks better of its brave move and scampers back to the herd.

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