Curiosity Overload: Baby Elephant Hilariously Tries to Snatch Phone From Human Buddy!

In a delightful display of curiosity, a baby elephant named Uli is seen trying to swipe a mobile phone from her human companion, Wanda.

This playful scene showcases Uli’s intriguing interest in her friend’s device and her attempts to explore it up close.

Uli, an adorable baby elephant, makes a rather amusing effort to figure out what’s so captivating about Wanda’s mobile phone.

As Wanda attempts to send a text, Uli cozies up to him and repeatedly wraps her trunk around his device, hoping to get a better look. Despite receiving a gentle reprimand on her hand, Uli’s fascination doesn’t wane, prompting Wanda to distract her tenderly.

The playful elephant, called Uli, was filmed snuggling up to her friend in Indonesia. Source: Caters News

This enchanting interaction occurred at the Barumun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Ercie Kandou of Jakarta captured it. Kandou, a 35-year-old co-founder of the sanctuary, shares, “Usually after feeding or napping, Uli enjoys approaching someone she’s familiar with for playtime.”

According to the footage, Uli’s curiosity leads her to inspect what Wanda holds in his hand and even attempt a taste.

Uli then tried multiple times to snatch Wanda’s phone with her agile trunk as he texted. Source: Caters News

Despite her failed attempts at seizing the phone, she gently nibbles at Wanda’s hand in an adorable plea for attention and play.

Uli, her mother, and other elephants were saved from an abusive training camp where they were found malnutrition and neglected. Her playful demeanor is a testament to the sanctuary’s successful rehabilitation efforts.

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