Customized 1966 Volkswagen Beetle named “Badd Bug”

The Volkswagen Beetle is a unique car that greatly influenced the automotive industry.

The Beetle concept was proposed in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche and Zundapp, resulting in the Porsche Type 12, also known as the “Car for Everyone” in English.

After years of development, the Volkswagen Beetle acquired its iconic appearance, becoming the symbol of the brand.


Although Volkswagen has ceased production of the Beetle, custom builders continue to create new versions. In this video, we showcase a fully customized 1966 Volkswagen Beetle called the “Badd Bug,” designed as a unique Cali-style cruiser.

The car features a matte black paintjob, exuding a sophisticated charm. Every component of this ’66 Beetle demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The combination of red and black adds to the car’s allure.

Watch the video to admire the stunning beauty of this iconic machine. You’ll be amazed by the custom interior that’s as cool as the outer appearance. Enjoy!


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