Cute Calf shows his soccer skills while having a kickabout with a dung ball

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant practices his soccer skills using a piece of poop.

A cute calf spins and kicks a makeshift ball with his feet while showing off to tourists in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa.

He even mastered the dribble perfectly before turning to finish and perform a dribble.

Running for a long distance, the baby ran quickly towards the dung and kicked it with its front foot – pushing it about a meter.

This seemed to upset him as he whipped his trunk around and threw his right front leg into the ball.

Dylan Royal, a guide at andBeyond Kirman’s Kamp, spotted the young pachyderm while he was driving.

He said he left the camp early in the morning searching for a leopard but instead came across a small elephant herd.

Mr Royal said: ‘We stopped to look at them for a while, and it wasn’t long before we stopped when the smallest calf burst out of the bush and into the road after his dung ball.

“Looks like he was there even before we got there because he was so focused on his poop ball that he didn’t even notice a companion.

This seemed to upset him as he whipped his trunk around and threw his right front foot into the ball.

“He seems to be so impressed by his own skill that he even kicked and rolled the ball around with different tactics and all fours of his legs.”

Mr Royal said baby elephants are often seen as a hobby because they have all sorts of interesting things.

But he says this baby is “definitely one of the cutest and funniest things I’ve ever seen or heard of”.

He continued: ‘We watched and enjoyed this scene for a while longer, and then I stopped filming.

“It’s like the calf realizing that I’m no longer filming because it lost interest in the dung ball, and the herd went a bit into the bush.”

He added: ‘When we lost the ability to see most of the herd, we decided to move on. As we drove past the abandoned ball, a kid burst in and trumpeted out at us, kicking up the sand and throwing a bit of tantrum, until we were out of the area and his toy alone.

“If you come across such a sighting, stay longer and always keep filming until you’re out of the area and you’re sure that no more action is to come out of the sighting.’