Cute koala decided to visit the neighbors and ask for hugs and kisses

Most wild animals avoid humans, and it’s pretty easy to see why. However, we’ve seen some incredibly endearing interactions between wildlife and humans over the years. And this “unforgettable encounter” between an oddly adorable koala and its neighbors is definitely on top of that list.

While most wild creatures normally flee from human presence, this cute koala decided to visit a family’s property not far from its habitat in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Thankfully, the special encounter was caught on camera, resulting in some extremely heart-warming scenes. The family was enjoying a sunny day at their backyard pool when they spotted a koala climbing down a tree next to them.

The unusual guest went straight to the pool and started drinking some water with its tiny paw. It didn’t seem to mind at all while a woman was swimming there. Moreover, the pretty little thing seemed to be extremely comfortable when a woman approached it. She even gave it some water from her hand, and the koala happily accepted it.

As this still wasn’t adorable enough, the woman came out of the pool to share a tender moment with the cute animal that visited her property. Looking at the two having such an intimate moment, it seems the only reason this koala decided to visit them was for a few hugs and kisses. And its intentions have been paid off!

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