Daring Rescue: Elephant Saved from Well by Andhra Pradesh Forest Officials

Forest officials in Andhra Pradesh successfully rescued an elephant that had accidentally fallen into an agricultural well while searching for water. The heartwarming rescue took place in Gandlapalli village within the Chittoor district.

Late on Monday night, the incident occurred in a farm field owned by farmer Jaggaiah Naidu. The elephant had inadvertently fallen into the well, prompting locals to take action.

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The farmers promptly alerted forest officials upon hearing the distressed sounds of the trapped elephant.

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However, a disagreement emerged between the forest officials and the farmers, who were frustrated by the lack of timely response from the authorities whenever elephant herds damaged their crops in the village.

Despite this initial friction, a consensus was reached to rescue the elephant without causing further harm to the well.

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With the approval of both parties, the forest officials employed an excavator to widen one of the well’s walls, creating an escape route for the trapped elephant.

Once the path was established, the elephant successfully climbed out of the well and promptly disappeared into the nearby forest.

The successful rescue brought immense relief to the farmers and the forest officials, as the elephant was saved without significantly damaging the well.


This heartening incident showcases the collaborative efforts of the community and authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of wildlife.

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