Dentist Saves Elephant’s Life by Treating Severe Tooth Infection

Have you ever experienced excruciating toothaches? It’s safe to say that they are among the worst types of pain. Surprisingly, humans are not the only ones who suffer from such discomfort. Animals, too, endure similar agony.

However, unlike us, they don’t have the luxury of visiting a dentist for relief. That’s where their human friends step in to help. Take a moment to witness the touching story of an elephant featured in the incredible video below.

Meet Tucha, a magnificent 33-year-old Asian elephant at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in England. Recently, the zookeepers noticed a distressing change in her behaviorβ€”she was refusing to eat and rapidly losing weight. This was highly unusual for elephants, as they typically graze throughout the day.


Concerned, the zookeepers embarked on a mission to uncover the cause of Tucha’s sudden decline. Upon examination, they discovered that she had a severe tooth infection.

Video This Poor Elephant Was Quickly Losing Weight. When They Found The Reason Behind It Omg 1

Extracting a tooth from an elephant is no small feat and requires specialized expertise. Fortunately for Tucha, she was in the right place at the right time.

Dr. Nic Masters, the head veterinarian, contacted an esteemed dental specialist named Peter Kertesz. Although Tucha needed to be sedated for the procedure, everything went smoothly without complications. The skilled dentist successfully removed the infected tooth, providing much-needed relief for Tucha.


Prepare to be amazed when you witness the sheer size of Tucha’s extracted tooth! Thanks to the successful intervention, Tucha has regained her happiness and appetite. She is now eating heartily and steadily gaining weight once again.

This heartwarming rescue story demonstrates the incredible bond between humans and animals. It showcases the compassion and dedication of the zookeepers and medical professionals, who go to great lengths to ensure the well-being of the creatures under their care.

Tucha’s journey serves as a reminder of the importance of timely intervention and specialized care for needy animals.


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