Discover the Caracal: Russia’s Luxury Feline Trend Sparks Controversy

In recent years, Russia has witnessed the rise of a fascinating trend centered around the caracal, a striking Afro-Asian wild cat known for its elegant beauty and captivating appearance.

While these majestic creatures typically roam the steppes, semi-deserts, and savannahs of their natural habitat, they are increasingly finding their way into the opulent homes of the wealthy elite, where they serve as both a status symbol and a source of controversy.

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Under Russian law, it’s permissible to keep exotic cats like the caracal as pets, which diverges from many other countries where such ownership is forbidden or heavily regulated.

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This stark contrast in regulations has ignited a passionate debate, but within Russia, owning a caracal has become a coveted privilege among a certain class of individuals.

Meet Uma, a one-year-old caracal whose life in a lavish Moscow home is meticulously documented on her Instagram profile, boasting over 12,000 followers. Daily, her owner shares videos and photos showcasing the caracal’s regal existence.

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The caracal is often described as the “lynx’s cousin” due to its resemblance, but it boasts distinct features such as longer legs, shorter fur, and a weight that can reach up to 25 kilograms.

Its sumptuous coat ranges from reddish to grey and sandy hues, but what truly captivates attention are its distinctive fringed black ears – a feature from which the caracal derives its name, a Turkish word meaning “black ears.” Its closest relatives in the wild are the African serval and the puma.

However, owning a caracal is no small feat. These majestic creatures demand copious attention, patience, and financial resources, mainly when raised alongside humans from an early age.

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Despite the challenges, the caracal has become a sought-after species for breeding and keeping as an emblem of prestige among Russians.

Living with them necessitates meticulous care and extensive training, with a diet comprising daily fresh meat or fish portions that can easily triple the average household’s food budget. This financial burden does not deter Russia’s affluent elite.

In a world where social media often showcases the extraordinary, the caracal has emerged as an icon of extravagance in Russia, sparking debates over the ethics of keeping such wild animals as pets.

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As these striking creatures find their place in the homes of the wealthy, their allure and controversy continue to capture the public’s imagination.

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