Discover the Rare Blonde Bear Roaming Alaska’s National Park!

Visitors to Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park are in for an extraordinary treat as a rare blonde bear has been spotted exploring the area around the holiday lodges.

The three-year-old bear has been seen strolling on the beach, playing in the grasslands, and even checking out a sign warning tourists about grizzlies.

Shayne, a visitor from San Dimas, California, shared that he has only seen a few blonde bears in his life, emphasizing their rarity.


This particular bear, a “refugee bear,” had been abandoned by her mother and seemed to be on her own for the first time.

A rare blonde bear has been sited lumbering around the holiday lodges of Lake Clark National Park in Alaska. Source:

She followed the visitors around during their trip, but they ensured she maintained a safe distance to prevent her from becoming too accustomed to humans.

Her expressive eyes and amusing attempts at stealthiness made it difficult for the visitors to contain their laughter.


Shayne noted that he would always remember the special moment nature provided during this encounter.

In addition to strolling along the beach and frolicking in the grasslands, the three-year-old bear was even photographed inspecting sign warning holidaymakers to watch out for grizzlies. Source:
This furry animal is a rare blonde grizzly bear, Shayne said that it seemed to be her first time on her own, and she shadowed us for most of the time we were there. Source:
Their light-colored fur makes them better hunters than their black counterparts because they do not stick out as much in the daylight. Source:

Grizzlies, known to feast on salmon during the summer, switch to a diet of fruits and nuts during hibernation season, showcasing their adaptability as omnivores.

The grizzly sniffs a ball while wandering around the park. Because there are so few blonde bears in the wild, the species is finding it difficult to sustain itself. Source:
The bear was hanging around Shayne’s lodge for the whole trip; she was a refugee bear meaning she had been rejected by her mother. Source:
They are omnivores and are known to guzzle down salmon in the summer months but, in hibernation season, are forced to survive on a diet of fruit and nuts. Source:

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