Dive into the Wild: Photographer Chronicles Elephants’ River Odyssey

In a daring journey into the heart of wild elephant territory, British wildlife photographer Chris Weston fearlessly strides into a river delta in Zimbabwe, capturing a mesmerizing spectacle of elephants crossing the waters.

Equipped with a concealed flotation device beneath his clothes, the 44-year-old Weston immersed himself in a tributary of the Zambezi River, skillfully documenting scenes that many wildlife photographers can only dream of capturing.

Image 2479

This daring escapade followed five weeks of dedicated efforts by Weston to earn the trust of the herd in the Ngamo Game Reserve.


His goal was to be perceived as a non-threatening presence, ensuring that he could seamlessly integrate himself into the natural behavior of the elephants.

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“I was never really in any danger,” reassured Weston, highlighting the importance of understanding the animals’ body language and communication cues when working with creatures of such size.

As a seasoned wildlife photographer, Weston’s objective is to capture the personality of animals, similar to portrait artists depicting human subjects.


Rather than merely relying on proximity, he emphasizes using a standard 50mm lens to provide viewers with an intimate understanding of each animal’s unique character.

Image 2481

“The idea is to give the viewer an idea of the personality of that individual animal. In much the same way as you would take a person’s portrait, you can’t be standing half a mile away with a long lens. You have to get close and establish some relationship,” explained Weston.

In one captivating moment, Weston photographed a playful exchange between two friendly elephants, showcasing the bond formed through his repeated visits to the Ngamo Game Reserve.


With 11 years of professional experience, Weston highlights the importance of building relationships with wildlife, emphasizing the elephants’ remarkable memories and ability to recognize him during subsequent encounters.

Image 2482

Quenching their thirst, an elephant from Weston’s captivating photo series is captured enjoying a refreshing gulp of water.

Equipped with a concealed flotation device, Weston went beyond traditional means to document the herd’s river crossing.


Immersing himself in the water, he achieved intimate proximity to the elephants as they emerged from the forest, aiming to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of elephants in their natural habitat through these extraordinary images.

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