Dramatic Elephant Rescue: Trapped in Fishing Net for Hours, Majestic Creature Finally Freed!

Forest officials dedicated eight hours to the challenging rescue of an elephant entangled in a fishing net within the Mysuru district.

Forest officials undertook a relentless effort spanning eight hours to liberate a majestic wild elephant entangled in fishing nets near Nugu backwaters in HD Kote taluk of Mysuru district.

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The elephant’s predicament began when its legs became trapped in the fishing nets cast by local fishermen.

Image 613
The elephant was caught in fishing nets underwater

Eventually, the massive operation succeeded, culminating in the elephant’s liberation around half-past two in the afternoon.

Upon receiving an early morning alert from concerned villagers at 6 am, forest officials promptly rushed to the backwaters site.

Image 614

Unfortunately, the villagers couldn’t specify when the elephant initially became entangled.

Rescuing the trapped elephant presented a complex challenge for the officials. They employed multiple hooks to delicately disentangle the nets ensnared around the elephant’s feet.

Patience was paramount, as the team had to wait for the elephant to stop splashing water and approach them.

Image 615
After being freed, the elephant swam ashore

The breakthrough came when the fire department personnel lowered metal hooks, each attached to a sturdy rope.

With these ropes, the team carefully began removing the tightly wrapped fishing nets.

Ultimately, their meticulous efforts paid off as the elephant triumphantly swam to the safety of the shore, free from the constricting nets.


An ongoing investigation is now underway to determine the circumstances that led to the presence of fishing nets in restricted areas of the backwaters.

This inquiry holds significant importance because animals frequently rely on these areas as a vital water source for quenching their thirst.

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