Dramatic Encounter: Elephant’s Close Call on Forest Train Tracks

In a heart-pounding moment captured by wildlife photographer Rupak Dastidar, a magnificent elephant narrowly escaped a fast-approaching train as it crossed the railway tracks in the lush jungles of India.

This captivating incident sheds light on the perils these endangered creatures face due to the construction of train lines that cut through their natural habitat.

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The construction of the railway tracks through the Indian forest has had devastating consequences for the local elephant population.


Tragically, many of these gentle giants have lost their lives after being struck by trains, with over 90 wild elephants falling victim to these tracks’ conversion.

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This vital forest area is home to various wildlife, including Indian Gaurs, and is a crucial corridor connecting national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and reserved forests.

Recognizing the urgent need to protect these majestic creatures, forestry and railway officials have implemented speed limits for trains along the Alipurduar and New Jalpaiguri lines.


During the day, trains are restricted to a maximum speed of 50 km/h, while at night, this speed is further reduced to just 25 km/h. This initiative aims to reduce the frequency of accidents and safeguard the wildlife in this region.

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The images vividly portray the precarious situation faced by Indian forest elephants due to the railway line construction that now runs through their habitat.

These photos are a stark reminder of the challenges these creatures encounter in their natural environment.


Recent incidents, like the tragic loss of two elephants hit by a passenger train in eastern India, highlight the ongoing threat posed by trains to the local wildlife. In a poignant gesture, their carcasses were adorned with flowers and cremated on the spot.

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Over the past five years, the railway tracks near the Nepal border have been responsible for 26 elephant deaths and several injuries, as reported by wildlife officials.

It is crucial to continue implementing practical solutions to protect and preserve the lives of these remarkable animals who call the Indian forest their home.


The wildlife of this region relies on our efforts to ensure their survival, making it imperative to address the challenges posed by railway lines running through their habitat.

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