Drive-thru Dine: Elephant Dad in Thailand Teaches His Son the Art of Vehicle Food Snatching!

A remarkable event unfolded on the roads of Chachoengsao in eastern Thailand when an adult elephant and his younger companion halted traffic to engage in an unexpected lesson of food thievery from the vehicles of unsuspecting motorists.

Caught off-guard, drivers watched in disbelief as the colossal animals emerged from the surrounding wilderness, boldly approaching a silver Toyota Hilux pickup.

A video at the scene shows the adult elephant skillfully extracting bags of salt from the vehicle and scattering them across the highway. This came after their successful looting of sugarcane, which they devoured with evident relish.

The wildlife ranger, Amnouy Artchula, who was fortunate to witness and capture this astonishing scene, is associated with the nearby Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary serves as a refuge for the region’s vast elephant population.

Wild elephants brought traffic in Chachoengsao, eastern Thailand, to a total standstill as terrified motorists stopped while the jumbos raided the backs of their vehicles for food. Source: ViralPress

Artchula revealed that this unique interaction was more than a mere display of elephant boldness; it was a lesson by an older elephant, potentially the father, teaching a younger one how to secure food from passing vehicles.

“These elephants are well-versed in intercepting vehicles for food, even without the drivers’ consent,” Artchula elaborated.

Occasionally, the sanctuary’s elephant herds wander into the nearby roads for food. Artchula emphasizes the importance of peaceful cohabitation between humans and animals, urging drivers to be mindful and respectful of wildlife.

Source: ViralPress

Thailand’s elephant population, estimated between 3,000 and 4,000, is split equally between the wild and domesticated.

These wild elephants, whose survival is increasingly threatened by human activities, led to the establishment of the Wildlife Sanctuary in 1977 by the Thai Government.

Data from the Thai Department of National Parks indicates that the elephant population at Khao Ang Rue Nai stood at a mere 219 in 2008.

Wildlife ranger Amnouy Artchula said that the older male elephant was teaching the younger juvenile how to forage for food from passing vehicles. Source: ViralPress

Thankfully, the birth rate of about 20 elephants annually suggests some promise for these gentle giants.

The unexpected ‘drive-thru dining’ incident occurred on February 21, serving as an unforgettable episode for those present and now, thanks to the viral video, the world.

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