Elephant chases cyclists and then beckons to the forest to say the coast is clear

While most Americans only see elephants in zoos or on TV, in many parts of the world, they are a part of everyday life.

These giant animals are native to sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. They are so common, there are even crosswalk signs as we have for deer in the United States.

However, when an elephant crosses the road, it can be a process.

The clip below was recorded by nature photographer and videographer, Jasoprakas Debdas.

Debdas operates out of India and has captured many thrilling footages of local wildlife. This clip is like a giant elephant coming out of the jungle on the road.

After a while, he saw a cyclist nearby and turned his way. Just like that, the elephant started charging the biker!

Luckily, the cyclist escaped before anything happened – but the elephant appeared to have other motives. Once the cyclist has been chased off, the elephant will turn and face the oncoming traffic.

There were at least three to four cars coming, although when they saw a huge obstacle in the road, they all did the smart thing and stopped.

Realizing that they weren’t coming closer, the elephant took a few cautious steps forward.

What happens next is both hilarious and endearing. When the shoreline is clear, the elephant rushes to the brush — and follows his whole family!

With his safety guidance, the elephant led the mother and babies to cross the road safely without harming anyone. As it turned out, the cyclist was just a distraction to the elephant’s larger goal. Who knew that nature footage like this could come with its own plot twist?

In addition to being the loveliest thing ever, this story teaches us more awareness and understanding.
While elephants are understandably terrifying creatures, they are also beautiful and empathetic animals forced to live in communities with people in many areas.

They have families and normal needs of their own, even if we can’t always understand their actions.

Because everyone in the clip was aware, no one got hurt and the elephants crossed the road safely.

These gentle giants were able to cross the road and go on with their day, and we’re lucky enough to have witnessed it! Nature is truly amazing.

Check out the elephant crossing video below.

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