Elephant family enjoys a morning walk in the forest in the viral video

The internet loves to watch videos featuring elephants, and one such clip went viral on social media on Friday. Parveen Kaswan of the Forest Service of India posted the two-minute clip on Twitter, and it was viewed more than 6,000 times within hours of being posted online.

In the video, an elephant herd was walking around a forest as the elders protect the calves during their outing. Meanwhile, one of the baby elephants stopped to drink water near a small pond and quenched his thirst.

“A big fat family goes for a morning walk. This helps them stay slim and healthy,” Parveen Kaswan said in the caption of her post.

Watch the video here:

The short clip has garnered thousands of likes and many retweets. In the comments section, netizens marveled at the script and shared their thoughts.

One user said: “Keep sweet lovers safe. Another comment read, “Whether they’re slim or fat, these elephants promote the notion of communal living that we humans have begun to despise.”

“Excellent example of a fit family,” added another user.

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