Elephant Freed After 3-Day Ordeal in Abandoned Well

In a remote agricultural region hidden within a dense bush, a heart-wrenching scene unfolded as an elephant was trapped in an abandoned well for nearly three days.

The desperate creature’s plight went unnoticed with a limited human presence in the area until its weakened state became evident. Such rescue operations typically involve excavators to pull elephants out of mud-hole wells.

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However, this time, the situation presented a unique challenge as the well was enclosed by a formidable concrete wall, preventing the elephant from escaping independently.

Rescue efforts were further complicated by the concrete walls’ slippery surface, increasing the risk of injury to the distressed animal during an attempted rescue using an excavator.

In wells with mud walls, elephants can sometimes create the necessary friction to free themselves by using their legs, but this option was unavailable here.


Observations revealed that a tree trunk had been carefully positioned behind the well, likely an attempt by locals to aid the elephant in standing.

Despite the efforts of conservation agents and the locals, the elephant appeared too exhausted to respond to their attempts to coax it out of the well.

After careful consideration, the rescue team began working to break down the concrete barrier while ensuring the elephant’s safety. Patience and unwavering dedication were crucial as they sought to rescue the hungry and weary elephant.


Finally, after numerous challenges and difficulties, the rescue team freed the elephant from its distressing predicament. Cheers of joy and relief erupted as the majestic creature stepped back onto solid ground, overcoming its harrowing ordeal.

This heartwarming rescue serves as a reminder of the importance of wildlife conservation and the dedication of those who work tirelessly to protect and care for our planet’s magnificent creatures.

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