Elephant Herd Stops Truck for Sugarcane Feast

In a delightful video clip, a group of elephants was spotted halting a truck on the road to enjoy a feast of sugarcane.

The heartwarming encounter between humans and these majestic creatures occurred amidst one of India’s many national parks and wildlife reserves, where animals find refuge.

Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer, Praveen Kaswan, shared the amusing video on Twitter with a witty comment, “Tax deduction at source!!” In the short clip, several elephants playfully grab sugarcane from the truck and happily indulge in the tasty treat.


The heartwarming video has quickly gained attention, accumulating nearly 13,000 views, 130 retweets, and over 1,300 likes.

Video Of Elephants Eating Sugarcane From Truck

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