Elephant struggling for survival recovered and now follows her human everywhere

There are some individuals, who under the word “pet”, understand not only cats and dogs, but also other animals, even wild animals. And what about an elephant?

When saving a baby elephant’s life, a kind woman from Zimbabwe, Roxy Danckwerts, took care of all the amenities for it and brought the huge baby back to their shelter.

The rowdy elephant, named Moyo, is 15 months old.
Roxy is a caretaker at Wild is Life orphanage who has been helping many wild orphans for over 20 years.

From big wild cats to birds and primates, Roxy and her staff rescued and cared for a variety of many animals at their rehabilitation centre.

But she fell in love with one of them, a rescued baby elephant.

Moyo was only a few days old when rescuers found her.

The little animal is in critical condition, and no one hoped she could survive. But the helpless little creature is a true warrior.

She overcame her hardships and made a full recovery thanks to the kind heart, efforts and love of Roxy, who did everything to change this big baby’s life.

Now, Moyo is in good shape, and she follows her beloved human everywhere she goes.

Moyo is waiting every day for her human to spend time with her. No one could explain how, but she recognized her voice and smell, and she even knows where she is.

Roxy, undoubtedly, considers this baby elephant her best companion, with whom she has fostered a special bond with love and trust.