Elephant Turns Tables: Leopard Seeks Refuge in Tree After Tense Encounter

A dramatic scene unfolded in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve when a typically predatory leopard found itself scampering up a tree for safety, effectively swapping roles with its usual prey.


This unexpected turn of events was prompted by an assertive elephant determined to keep its herd safe.

A Leopard Was Forced To Hide At The Top Of A Tall Tree In South Africa In An Attempt To Stay Safe After Being Targeted By A Bull Elephant
A leopard was forced to hide at the top of a tall tree in South Africa in an attempt to stay safe after being targeted by a bull elephant.

The riveting encounter was caught on camera by New Mexico-based photographer Kevin Dooley, 60, who captured the intense moment when the leopard, sensing imminent danger, quickly clambered up a tree to evade the persistent elephant.


The striking images portray the elephant persistently reaching for the elevated leopard using its trunk. The scene exemplifies these magnificent beasts’ protective nature and power, even when confronting one of the big cats.

The elephant was spotted walking all around the tall tree at Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa, raising its trunk up towards the hiding leopard.

Kevin recalled the event, “The bull elephant sniffed out the leopard from a distance. It clung to the tree despite trying to frighten the leopard away.”

He added, “The spectacle lasted between an hour and an hour and a half. Witnessing an encounter between an elephant and a leopard in the wild is truly a rare and unforgettable experience.”


Historically, elephants have demonstrated aggression towards large predators like lions and leopards, particularly when safeguarding younger members of their herds.

The bull elephant even tried blowing dirt out of its trunk in the direction of the leopard to try and scare it away – though the big cat refused to come down from the tree.
Refusing to move, the leopard stayed on high alert on its perch at the top of the tree as the bull elephant stalked it at the base.

Their defensive tactics, including trumpeting sounds or threatening body language, effectively deter would-be attackers.

Elephants also communicate potential threats amongst themselves using low-frequency rumbles as they traverse the savannah.


Elephant herds’ cooperative nature and unity offer significant protection, often rendering predators like leopards and lions powerless, regardless of their size.

The elephant tried all manner of ways to reach the leopard atop the tree, including grabbing the base with its trunk.
With the big cat having leaped up to relative safety in the tree, the elephant continued to circle around the base, waiting for an opportunity to scare the predator away.
Elephants are known to chase away predators such as lions or leopards if they consider them a danger or threat to their herd.
Despite the angry elephant’s best efforts, the leopard remained just out of reach on the tree branch.

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Canidae has had recalls in the past. It's essential to stay updated with the brand's recall history to ensure your pet's safety.

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