Elephant Uses Trunk as Water Cannon to Deter Playful Wild Dogs

In an awe-inspiring moment at South Africa’s Kruger National Park, a 37-year-old photographer, Jackie Badenhorst, she captured the incredible encounter between an angry elephant and a pack of wild dogs at the Welverdiend waterhole.

As the elephant approached the waterhole, it noticed the dogs surrounding it and immediately changed its demeanor.

Jackie Badenhorst was photographing wild dogs at this watering hole in South Africa when an elephant showed up and decided to teach them who’s boss

Raising its head to appear more imposing, the elephant asserted its dominance. Marching between the dogs, it took a stand and began to quench its thirst.


However, the playful dogs showed no signs of leaving, which led the elephant to take more drastic action.

She said at first the elephant just shook his head around and puffed himself up to appear intimidating, but as the dogs kept getting closer, he started spraying them with water

Using its trunk like a water cannon, the mighty creature sprayed water toward the dogs, urging them to retreat. Despite the effort, the persistent canines continued to test the elephant’s patience.

The photographer, Jackie Badenhorst, shared her experience, “The dogs were rather curious, almost playful, trying to see how close they could get, how much they could push him.


The elephant got irritable and tried spraying the approaching dogs with water – which they would nimbly dodge! He later ran toward them shaking his head, trumpeting.”

Mrs Badenhorst was at the watering hole in South Africa’s Kruger National Park when the elephant emerged and started throwing his weight around 

Eventually, the elephant sought a more peaceful part of the savannah, leaving the wild dogs to venture off and explore other animals in the area, including buffaloes and kudus, and even attempting to catch some warthogs for breakfast.

For Jackie, witnessing this interaction between two incredible species, wild dogs and elephants, was an extraordinary experience. Her passion for wildlife and photography led her to capture these remarkable moments, even after moving away from the bush.


Jackie shared, “I enjoy the adventure of traveling to remote places, the excitement of not knowing what you may see and photograph, and at the end of the day, spending time in nature is what it’s all about.”

The dogs kept playing with the elephant, creeping up and seeing how far they could push him before he retaliated

Nature’s wonders never cease to amaze as animals interact in their natural habitat, showcasing the beauty and strength of the animal kingdom.

Mrs. Badenhorst said the bigger animal eventually got tired of the dogs’ games and retreated to a quieter area of the bush
Mrs Badenhorst said she started photographing wildlife while she lived permanently in the bush, and despite moving to Pretoria she still likes to travel to see the animals
After the elephant had left, the dogs continued harassing buffalo kudus, and tried to catch some hogs for breakfast

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