Elephantine Euphoria! Delightful Snaps Reveal Inebriated Elephants’ Antics in a South African Reserve

Imagine a lively Friday night in Newcastle or Cardiff’s heart, but you have elephants instead of party-goers.


This amusing scenario was captured in images showcasing young elephants that appeared to have had too much of a peculiar fruit.

Tipsy: These Comical Pictures Were Taken After A Herd Of Young Elephants Ate A Fruit Which Is Said To Make Large Mammals Drunk When Eaten In Huge Quantities
Tipsy: These comical pictures were taken after a herd of young elephants ate a fruit that is said to make large mammals drunk when eaten in huge quantities.

The herd was munching on large amounts of the marula fruit, known for its potential to induce an intoxicating effect in large mammals when overly ripe and consumed in abundance.


The marula fruit is sweet, tangy, and refreshing; the marula fruit, once it has matured and fallen from the tree, creates a sort of ‘happy hour’ for these elephants.

On The Floor: The Marula Fruit - Said To Taste Sweet, Tart And Refreshing - Has An Intoxicating Effect When Consumed After It Has Ripened And Fallen To The Ground
On the floor: The marula fruit – said to taste sweet, tart, and refreshing – has an intoxicating effect when consumed after it has ripened and fallen to the ground.

Ross Couper, a seasoned field guide affiliated with the elite safari company Singita in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, witnessed the elephants’ comical movements.

As they began to tumble over their siblings and stagger around, he noted, “It was a sight to behold, as the young ones appeared to be exhibiting signs of intoxication.”


Yet, there’s a twist to the tale. Some claim that the elephants’ unusual antics are not due to the marula fruit’s potential fermentation but rather the ingestion of beetle pupae residing in the bark of marula trees.

Spotted: Ross Couper, A Field Guide At Singita Kruger National Park In South Africa, Saw The Elephants Begin To Stumble Around And Fall Over Their Siblings
Spotted: Ross Couper, a field guide at Singita Kruger National Park in South Africa, saw the elephants begin to stumble around and fall over their siblings.
Unusual: Observers Watched 'In Awe Because The Youngsters Definitely Seemed To Display Signs Of Being Rather Tipsy', Mr Couper Said
Unusual: Observers watched ‘in awe because the youngsters definitely seemed to display signs of being rather tipsy,’ Mr. Couper said.
One Too Many, Mate? If You Substituted The Animals For Humans, It'S The Sort Of Scene You Might See On A Friday Night In Newcastle Or Cardiff
One too many, mate? If you substituted the animals for humans, it’s the sort of scene you might see on a Friday night in Newcastle or Cardiff.
Huge Quantities: Adult Elephants Can Eat The Equivalent To More Than 700 Of The Fruits If They Consume Nothing Else During A Day
Huge quantities: Adult elephants can eat the equivalent of more than 700 of the fruits if they consume nothing else during the day.
Collapsed: This Year Saw A Bumper Crop Of Marula Fruit Falling To The Ground, Providing An Irresistible Treat For The Herd Of Young Elephants
Collapsed: This year saw a bumper crop of marula fruit falling to the ground, providing an irresistible treat for the herd of young elephants.
Sleeping It Off: It Is Also Thought The Strange Behaviour Could Come From Eating Beetle Pupae That Live In The Bark Of Marula Trees
Sleeping it off: It is also thought the strange behavior could come from eating beetle pupae that live in the bark of marula trees.

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