Elephants at Melbourne reunite to help Man Jai learn

A 7-year-old elephant named Man Jai learns to behave around females at Melbourne Zoo. So the seven elephants reunite to help the growth of their youngest bull, Man Jai.

Man Jai, 7 years old, learns skills from 11-year-old Luk Chai. Luk Chai, when he arrived at the zoo, rushed to embrace the other. The incident included squeezing the trunk, flapping their ears and some of them even trumpeted very loudly.

The arrival of the older elephant makes it possible for Man Jai to have a great learning experience. The 7-year-old is likely to learn from how Luk Chai roams around the female elephants (the women!).

Female elephants at the Zoo and Botanical Garden move in a tightly knitted manner. Meanwhile, small Man Jai and breeding bulls Luk Chai usually walk independently. This is a routine practice with elephants, as the female elephants walk in a cohesive manner and the males roam around freely.

Asian elephants were at their most widespread. However, due to human activities, such as palm oil production, they have lost their homes. In addition, the WWF report shows that Asian elephants are facing the risk of habitat loss and fragmentation. Population growth in Asia has resulted in people encroaching on areas belonging to elephants.

Furthermore, the fear of the beautiful creature being wiped out is growing as its population dwindles. Additionally, a severe threat to this species is poaching. Although the ivory trade is banned, it continues to take place in some places where illegal international trade still exists.

Melbourne Zoo is part of an Asian elephant breeding program in the region. These elephants are listed as endangered in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The initiatives taken by the Melbourne Zoo speak mountains and their efforts must not go unnoticed.

In the end, Luk Chai and Man Jai are the real studs of the Zoo.

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