Elephants’ Heartfelt Farewell to Departed Comrade: A Touching Serengeti Tribute

In a heartwarming display of grief, a group of elephants in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park paid a touching tribute to their departed comrade.

The solemn procession, captured in a poignant video, showcases the deep emotional bonds that elephants share.

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Despite the unknown cause of death, their tender homage was clear for all to see.


The sorrowful elephants went to their fallen companion, who lay still on the ground in Serengeti National Park.

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With a remarkable sense of tenderness, they nudged their friend’s lifeless form and gently touched their trunks to the creature’s skin.

The procession led them to the side of their departed comrade, forming a sad circle.


Surrounding the animal, the elephants gazed solemnly at their fallen friend. Nearby, vultures perched on a tree, observing the emotional scene.

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As moments passed, more elephants joined in, some pressing their heads against the deceased comrade’s skin while others rested their trunks on the lifeless body.

In a final gesture of respect, the elephants raised their trunks as if saluting their comrade before slowly departing towards the field’s edge.


One protective elephant watched their fallen companion while other herd members approached. Eventually, the pack moved away, but one elephant lingered behind, gently pressing its trunk against the body.

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This poignant behavior is not uncommon, as elephants have been known to grieve for their deceased loved ones.

A recent video shared by Indian Forest Ranger Parveen Kaswan on Twitter depicted a herd of elephants carrying the body of a deceased calf across a road in India.


The Smithsonian Institution, a renowned research and education complex, notes that elephants often show profound interest in the remains of their deceased relatives and mourn them deeply.

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As this unique and dramatic event unfolded, a group of vultures observed the touching moment from a nearby tree.

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