Elephants’ Pumpkin Smashing Extravaganza Delights Crowds at Oregon Zoo Festival

The 23rd annual Squishing of the Squash festival at Oregon Zoo showcased the playful antics of elephants as they indulged in smashing and devouring giant pumpkins, marking a delightful celebration of the autumn season.

The festival’s main attraction centered around the enthusiastic participation of the resident elephants, who gleefully stomped and crushed massive pumpkins to reach their soft and delicious inner flesh.

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This joyous activity left some of the elephants proudly displaying orange-colored trunks as evidence of their enthusiastic engagement.

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With a substantial supply of 1,200 pounds of vibrant orange pumpkins provided for the occasion, the elephant herd thoroughly enjoyed the playful activity of crushing and devouring seasonal treats.

This annual tradition serves as entertainment and helps stimulate the elephants, enriching their environment and promoting their well-being.

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However, it wasn’t just the elephants that relished these seasonal delights. Other zoo inhabitants, including ring-tailed lemurs, river otters, and porcupines, were also treated to more miniature pumpkins for enjoyment.

The spectacle of elephants stomping and crushing giant pumpkins brought joy to the zoo’s inhabitants and animal lovers alike.

The comical destruction provided a captivating spectacle, making the Squishing of the Squash festival an enjoyable experience for all participants.

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