Elephants Reconcile with a Trunk Shake After Tense Battle for Love

In an unexpected turn of events, two male elephants in Thailand have mended their friendship after weeks of conflict over a female companion.


Kaenggreang and Siplor put their rivalry aside by simply touching trunks, demonstrating the power of camaraderie among these majestic creatures.

The dispute began when Siplor, a smaller and younger elephant, challenged the more extensive and more experienced Kaenggreang for the affection of a female in their herd.


Park rangers reported that the elephants observed each other from afar and even engaged in a tusk-bumping altercation two weeks prior.

Male Elephants Shake Trunks And Makeup Each Other After Fighting Over A Female 1
The clash between the two elephants occurred when the cheeky jumbo Siplor (pictured left) tried challenging Kaenggreang (right), a larger and older elephant, said park rangers. Source: Daily Mail

On Sunday, the two seemingly resolved, shaking trunks in a sign of peace. Staff at the Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary, where the elephants reside, will continue to monitor their interactions to ensure the truce holds.

Panya Wajade, a park employee, remarked, “These two elephants have been squaring up to each other and fighting for the last few weeks. It’s nice to see they have made friends again, but the wildlife team will ensure that is the case.”


Elephants are known for their intricate social structures and hierarchies within their communities.

Male Elephants Shake Trunks And Makeup Each Other After Fighting Over A Female 2
Footage shows Kaenggreang (pictured right), one of the male elephants, touching trunks with his pal, Siplor (left), to make peace after the duel in Chachoengsao province, Thailand. Source: Daily Mail

Female elephants form matriarchal herds, while males typically leave the family around 12 to 15 to live independently or join other bulls. Males and females only come together during mating season or estrus.

When a male approaches a female in estrus, she may initially be cautious but will walk with him if interested.


The male may pursue her if she retreats and fends off other suitors. The pair may touch trunks before mating, with the male mounting the female from behind in an almost vertical position.

Male Elephants Shake Trunks And Makeup Each Other After Fighting Over A Female 3
Park rangers at the Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary, the area where the two bulls roam, said they would continue monitoring them for signs they have made peace. Source: Daily Mail
Male Elephants Shake Trunks And Makeup Each Other After Fighting Over A Female 4
After a weeks-long standoff over a female mate, the two male elephants in Thailand appeared to have made up with each other through a simple gesture of shaking trunks. Source: Daily Mail

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