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10 Adorable Photos Of Baby Elephants

Babies are always beautiful to look at. They’re cute, amazing, awesome, and no one can ever get tired of looking at a baby. However, it’s not just human babies who are cute and cuddly. In the animal world, many babies look so cute, and we’ve found some pictures of baby elephants that are sure to delight.

Despite their huge size, elephants are really friendly and intelligent, and unlike other animals, they are capable of expressing anger, grief, love, compassion, and all other emotions in a specific way.

They are beautiful to look at and also known for their loyalty and team spirit. Usually, female herds roam together to protect small claves, and when males reach their age of maturity, they leave the herd to find mates and their own living.

The herd will always take care of each other in every danger and every bad situation, and here we have some adorable pictures of the little calves that will show you how beautiful their life is. So take a look and share your thoughts with us!

1. A baby elephant is bathing with its mother in the water.

2. Two babies walking together by tangling their trunks.

3. A calf is playing with ducklings, his new friends.

4. A baby who has tumbled down the trunk of a tree.

5. An exciting calf playing in the water.

6. It Looks like a baby is playing hide-and-seek.

7. A baby elephant was playing with a girl and almost tried to sit on his lap.

8. A baby elephant trying to drink water through its trunk from a raised water holder.

9. A calf is trying to get up on the back of another baby elephant.

10. A baby has already crossed the street with his mother.

Wild Elephants with relaxing music

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