Adorable baby elephant loves cuddling and can’t stop hugging man

A hug is a kind of embrace that goes beyond the surface and creates an indescribable bond between the two. It is the opening of one’s heart to give and receive love from the other. It may be for loved ones, but animals are always ready to cuddle!

She is an Asian elephant (Elephant Maximus) at the Patara Elephant Farm, where these giant mammals are cared for and able to live their lives free of all the known cruelty inflicted on her. their species.

Uploader Vivian H. shared this cute video of her farm visit with a man named Arthur.

Patara Elephant Farm has a program called “Elephant Owner for a Day” that allows visitors to have hands-on experience with these creatures. People are taught how to care for, groom, feed, and even ride elephants. Arthur and Vivian chose to visit this ranch because she said,

“Unlike other elephant parks in Chiang Mai, the staff and owners at Patara are solely focused on the health care and breeding management of these endangered species and supporting the recovery process for these endangered species. elephants injured by landmines – tourists arrive Monday. ”

These two have had to work hard and learn everything to know about caring for these beautiful animals. They helped them eat their daily meals, bathe, scrub and wash the elephants in the river, and even examine the elephants’ droppings.

Arthur and Vivian have made new friends in little Tara, which makes all the work worth it.

Arthur called Tara and to my surprise, she responded very well to his calls. The little elephant immediately walked to Arthur’s arms to hug and use his head to press his friend to the ground. Everyone loves this moment!

These little elephants can weigh between 200-260 pounds. Imagine all that weight coming towards you, pressing you to the ground for a hug while you can’t fight back. Arthur seems to be enjoying himself.

Tara isn’t done with her struggling self! She clamped his right foot down and placed it on top of it, amusing the viewers.
Arthur leaned forward and slowly pushed Tara away. This adorable calf must have thought it was a game because she used her weight to knock it down again. This time she really put all her weight on Arthur’s head. Someone count Arthur out!

Tara finally stepped back, leading to more pats and rubs.

Tara’s mother didn’t seem to care that humans were interacting and playing with her calf. Elephants are very protective of their young and will lunge at anyone who gets too close. Go ahead and search for the video. You don’t want an angry mama elephant.

The hardworking men and women of this farm are responsible for the great temperaments of these elephants. Friendships with these beautiful mammals are rare. And surely Tara will never forget her new friend.

Check out Arthur and Tara’s wrestling match in the video below!

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Wild Baby Elephants with relaxing music

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