Adorable moment of a mama elephant put her baby back on her feet after tumble

This is the moment a loving mother elephant was captured, helping her newborn get up from a nasty tumble.

The newborn was taking its first steps before it fell to the water’s edge several times.

Fortunately, the mother, who was with two other youngsters on their way to the Chobe River in Botswana for a drink, was there to help.

You can see this in the series of photos. She carefully lifted her precious cargo using her trunk.

South African wildlife photographer Charl Stols took the series.
He saw this while on a boat ride when he was a photo presenter for Pangolin Photo Safaris.

He commented on the interaction he watched for about 40 minutes:

“The female elephant and two children are going to the river for a drink.”

“The younger calf appeared to be only a few hours old, still in pink and wobbly on its feet. At the water’s edge, the baby plunged several times, and the mother gently lifted it back with her trunk and feet.”

“Surprisingly, they even crossed the river to one of the islands, and the little kid swam all the way, only his body sticking out of the water.”

“The smaller calf seemed to be only a few hours old, still in pink and wobbly on its feet.”

“It was an extraordinary moment. We have many elephants in Chobe, but it must be the youngest elephant I have ever seen.”

“To watch the mother gently guide him and then even see the calf swim was a touching experience.”

“I still dream of one day seeing a mother give birth, but that was pretty close.”

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