Adorable moment two elephants help each other climb out of a muddy ditch

A pair of wild elephants got stuck in a dried-up pond in Thailand’s Rayong Province.

They were discovered in an garden by onlooker Tanat Pitiporntapin, who captured them climbing out the ditch.

They could not figure out how to get out. As a result, they teamed up to discover the quickest solution.

The male elephant lowers his front legs onto the grass above and over the edge of the slippery slope before being aided out by his female companion, who gently pushes him in the rear end to assist him out.

But the enormous elephant slides back to his starting point, whereupon their efforts are fruitless.

The bigger male elephant struggles to figure out the best approach to assist his companion and himself out of the hole.

He tries clambering over the slippery slope once more, shifting and adjusting his hefty body before he falls back down.

The male elephant begins by pushing down with his feet and straddling the ditch’s ridge, raising his front legs over the solid ground above.

His buddy below pulls closer and places herself firmly beneath the male elephant, allowing him to shakily climb over a ditch in order to get out.

The two struggled for over an hour to discover a solution. The female elephant below gives her buddy a nudge in the rear as he struggles to get out of the slippery ditch and stand up fully on his hind legs.

The small female elephant copies his technique and climbs over the exit path made by her stumbling companion.

The male elephant on top, perched on the lip of the ditch, assists her in getting up and out with some clever trunk work, and they both manage to get themselves out and back to safety.

‘These two elephants used to frolic in this garden, and I watched them assist each other for almost an hour. It was fascinating how the two elephants communicated; it appeared as though they were instructing one another on the best method to get out.

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