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Amazing moment about elephants run to find a missing member of their herd

Elephants are often called gentle giants because, despite their large size, they have a vast compassion that they share with their fellow humans. And not only are the other elephants they care for, but they are also known for their role as rescuers of other species.

But perhaps an elephant’s loyalty and love are best demonstrated by how closely their family herds stick together. This family bond is powerful; they will never abandon a family member.

That was proven when a family of elephants realized that a member of their herd was missing. They all immediately started searching.

Similar to how we, humans, start frantically calling out to our friends or family if we are isolated in a crowd, these elephants spread out in Elephant Nature Park to find the missing member.

Fortunately, they didn’t have to search long because the missing elephant wasn’t too far behind. But it’s very touching to see how much these creatures care about and protect each other.

As elephant news explained, “Watching the amazing moment of Elephant Kham Lha’s family, While they were walking along the river at Elephant Nature Park, they suddenly realized one of the members disappeared lost. The herd called out to their friends, and they ran after each other. Elephants are such a powerful emotion, and of course, they never forget their friends.”

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  1. I wish someone with power can tell Zimbabwe NOT TO KILL 500+ ELEPHANTS for their tuff skin.. Plus killing kangaroos for their skin to make Nikki Sneakers. All this turns my stomach and my hands are tied. All these beautiful intelligent smart family oriented beauty’s. WTF!!!! WHY?????

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