Amazing photos show elephants enjoying the water in the extreme heat

Meet Goran Anastasovski, a Macedonian photographer with a passion for wildlife and nature. With his amazing skills and realistic photos, he has gained many fans worldwide and placed his name in many famous media. The Daily Mail even calls him the king of camera.

The photographer has been captured animals and nature since 2006 and now has many incredible photos of them. Looking at his excellent photos, you can see leopards, lions, tigers, giraffes in surprisingly relaxed poses. Some photos even show tender and intimate moments between animals and their companions.

Recently, he took some fantastic photos of elephants enjoying a bath in Skopje, Macedonia. Under the extreme heat of more than 40 degrees, there is nothing better than enjoying and playing in the cold water. As avid fans of water, the elephants can’t hide their happiness at being cool.

It was a great feeling to take a picture of them enjoying the bath! Scroll down to see their photos!







Wild Elephants with relaxing music

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