A clever elephant peeled a corn before eating in the viral video

A video of an elephant has gone viral on social media, where it can be seen enjoying some corn. The video has more than 42,000 views.

Elephants love to gnaw on corn, and this is probably one of their favorite foods. A recent video of an elephant has surfaced on social media as proof. In the video, one can see the massive creature enjoying some corn.

The video was shared by Indian Forest Service Officer Sudha Ramen. It was originally posted on Twitter as Gannuprem.

In the 15-second video, the elephant can be seen removing the outer shell of the corn and then finishing it all at once. “Corn is one of their favorite dishes #elephants (sic),” shared the video by Sudha Ramen.

Netizens enjoyed watching the video featuring the elephant. One user wrote: “Wow, how amazing they took off the outer cover eat the crux (sic). “They know how to eat properly…it’s amazing (sic),” commented another user.

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