An elephant surprised hotel guests by strolling through the reception

A hungry elephant has been caught on film walking into a hotel in Zambia to get to its favorite fruit tree.

The video was taken by Ian Salisbury, 68, a safari guide at Mfuwe Lodge, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

The elephant makes its way through the hotel, pausing to look at a receptionist at the front desk before continuing.

The elephant was on its way to a Wild Mango (Cordyla Africana) tree in the resort’s ground.

Although there are several mango trees in the region, elephants frequently make the journey through the hotel throughout October to December in search of a specific tree on the property.

Three generations of a single family of elephants make the yearly trip.

‘Even though there are many trees in the area to choose from, some elephants have claimed this particular lodge tree for many years.

Although there are numerous routes to the fruit tree, one of them is preferred- up the entrance steps and straight through the building’s reception area, with little concern for the hotel’s human guests.

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