An emotional moment, a blind elephant, rescued from the circus, was welcomed by the herd in a sanctuary.

It is a lovely moment; a herd of elephants welcomed a rescued elephant to a sanctuary in Thailand. The 30 years old elephant, completely blind, was rescued from the circus and taken to Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, where she will meet the new herd for the first time.

Before being helped by the Save Elephant Foundation, the elephant, called Ploy Thong, had a sorrowful life. They forced the gentle creature to carry people on his back on Thai streets for more than 16 years. Before that, she participated in a circus.

However, when she gets to this elephant sanctuary, everything will change forever. As soon as she arrived in Chiang Mai, she started sending small vibrations to let the herd know about her arrival. It didn’t take so long until the herd rushed in to greet and welcome the new member in a very emotional scene.

Ploy Thong sent out low vibrations to let other elephants know that she was there before they touched trunks (Picture: Caters)

“Blinded in both eyes, she carries tourists every day,” a Save Elephant Foundation employee said. “Every day, she rode early and carried the riders until sunset. She uses the trunk to sniff the road while the traveler rides on her back. However, her journey to freedom starts now”.

Look what the lovely way to begin Ploy Thong’s new adventure. The way the elephant herd hurried to welcome her showed how sensitive these creatures are. From the very first moment she stayed at the sanctuary in Chiang Mai, she realized that she would be loved and protected for the rest of her life.

The herd appeared to be intrigued by the new arrival and reached out their trunks to inspect her (Picture: Caters)
Ploy Thong was rescued from the circus by the Save Elephant Foundation (Picture: Caters/Save Elephant Foundation)
She had carried tourists in Thailand for 16 years using her trunk to sniff out the route she should take (Picture: Caters/Save Elephant Foundation)

The Elephant Voices stated, “Elephants are famous for their intelligence, strong family relationships and the complexity of society, and they remember other individuals and places for years.” “They live in a flexible, fission society with relationships radiating from mother-daughter relationships through family, bonding groups, clans, independent males, and beyond to strangers.”

Here is the full video:

4 thoughts on “An emotional moment, a blind elephant, rescued from the circus, was welcomed by the herd in a sanctuary.”

  1. Thank you for rescuing her,elephants are such a beautiful creatures.They are so intelligent,very loyal & very compassionate.I hate seeing them mistreated.Thank you,thank you.

  2. Such a wonderful and heartwarming welcome, I am sorry happy for Ploy Thong and her new friends. I hope she has a long, happy, healthy and peaceful life. Thanks to all who have helped in her rescue.

  3. Wonnderful, finally a life for this beautiful animal. Thank you for rescuing her…..makes me so happy to see how she was welcomed. A beautiful moment………

  4. Beautiful story, thank you everyone involved in such a wonderful rescue.
    Finally this magnificent creature has the love, family structure, and the remainder of her days will be secure and totally bliss.

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