Antelope jumps so high to reach the height of an elephant

A photographer has captured the moment an antelope leaps into the air with the height of an elephant.

From Botswana, Janet Kleyn, 52, captured the impala – a medium-sized antelope – jumping as high as an elephant in the Mashatu Game Reserve.

The wildlife photographer said: “I was sitting in an underground photographic hideout at Mashatu Game Reserve, photographing the elephant approaching the water.

“Impala was drinking on the left and suddenly jumped into my viewfinder, and I got the shot.

“Impalas will jump when they are startled, and they can reach heights of up to three meters.

“The impalas’ jumping is said to be a way to flaunt and show off their strength and abilities to an intruder.

“Clearly, this Impala did not notice the approaching elephant. He only caught sight of him as he got closer to the water.

“The elephant did not show any signs of aggression towards the impala.”

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