Adorable baby elephant playing in the mud caught on camera

There’s nothing funnier than splashing in the mud!

This adorable baby elephant was caught playing in the mud while its herd was digging for water during a drought.

Maureen Gibson, 73, a pensioner from Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa, photographed the baby elephant after visiting Kruger National Park.

Maureen said the elephants had come to the park searching for water, and the baby elephant did not miss the chance to enjoy the mud-filled swimming pool.

“The elephants went down to the bottom of the dry Mphongolo River near Shingwedzi in the northern part of the Park, looking for subsurface water at a time when the Park was experiencing a severe drought,” she said.

“To find water, adult elephants have to dig in the sand until the water level is accessible.

“Obviously, this is the first time this baby elephant has had a chance to play in a puddle, and he can’t play enough – every time his mother encourages him with her long trunk, he runs straight into the mud to frolic and play.

“Photographing baby elephants is fun because they are so cute and unpredictable – their antics are always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.”

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