VIDEO Baby elephant rescued after it fell into an open drain in Sri Lanka has died

The brave baby elephant saved after it fell into an open drain in Sri Lanka has di.ed after the vet caring for it went on vacation.

The calf, amazingly filmed as it was pulled from the well, suffered a leg injury when it fell and was in critical condition at a transporter when it di.ed.

The BBC reports that the veterinarian taking care of the baby elephant went on holiday on June 17, and officials did not know how to take care of it when its condition deteriorated.

The baby di.ed three days later, although another vet was called.

The baby elephant who was rescued from an uncovered drain has di.ed from injuries it sustained in the fall

Footage from the animal’s initial rescue showed a group in Hambantota standing around the drain trying to figure out what to do after realizing the elephant was trapped.

The baby elephant looked like he was in trouble as he waited to be rescued.

Another elephant – possibly its mother – watched anxiously from afar as a group of rescuers gathered around.

Then a man began to separate from the paving around the drain to allow the elephant more space to move.

Men tied ropes around the elephant’s leg to help pull it up, and one man grabbed the elephant’s leg as it was pulled up from the drain.

The elephant was examined before being taken to a nearby animal hospital.

Hambantota, in the south of Sri Lanka, is home to hundreds of wild elephants roaming freely.

A group of rescuers was filmed standing around the drain trying to figure out how best to rescue the elephant
The rescuers tied ropes around the little elephant’s legs as they brought him up to the surface
Following the elephant’s rescue, he was checked over and taken to a transit home but his condition deteriorated

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