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Baby elephant rolls around in the Botswana waterhole

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant tries to regain its balance after falling while trying to use its trunk.

Photographer and guide Janet Kleyn, 53, captured the elephant’s fall at Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana.

Footage shows the calf rolling around in the mud as it seems to find it difficult to regain its composure after the fall.

Ms. Kleyn said: ‘The herd was in the waterhole, and the baby was still too young to know how to use his trunk.’

The calf tried to roll onto its feet but failed and ended up nearly falling over in a rage in the hilarious clip.

Photographer and guide Janet Kleyn, 53, captured the elephant (pictured) fall at the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana
The calf tried to roll up onto its feet but kept failing and ended up falling back almost in exacerbation in the hilarious clip

Finally, when the other elephants tried to move away, the calf tried to climb onto its legs.

Mashatu Game Reserve is located in Botswana’s Northern Tuli Game Reserve, located between the Tuli Safari Area, a national park in Zimbabwe, and Mapungubwe National Park, a World Heritage Site in South Africa.

Its website reads: ‘Photographic hides add an extra dimension to the safari adventure. It’s unique and thrilling for professional photographers or wildlife lovers.

‘These additional adventures are guaranteed to put visitors in close contact with the remarkable wilderness found at Mashatu.’

Wild Elephants with relaxing music

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