Baby elephant surprises boy and dogs when in barged into the yard

A baby elephant surprised a boy and his dogs when it barged into their farmyard in southern India.

Hemant, 5, played with his dogs Jimmy and Roshy in their house in the early hours of Sunday when the pets suddenly barked at the fence.

As the confused boy went ahead to see what was going on, he saw a brave baby elephant heading straight to his garden.

While the boy and his dogs ran back to the house, seemingly frightened by the unexpected presence of the ‘uninvited’ guest, Roshy bravely faced the ‘giant’ guaranteed to chase it away.

However, the elephant wasn’t in the mood to be scared by a small dog but instead lunged at it before turning away and wandering the village for about two hours.

The animal had returned to its habitat without attacking or injuring the residents.

The incident happened in the beautiful village of Kodagu in Karnataka, just a short walk from a nearby forest inhabited by elephants. It was captured on surveillance cameras installed on the porch.

Shyam, Hemant’s father, who goes by the first name as his son, only realized the terrifying incident after Hemat recounted it.

Coffee plantations surround the village, and residents regularly encounter wild elephants, believed to be in hundred, feeding off their crops.

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