Baby elephant who fell in a well is all alone. Watch what these rescuers do to reunite him with his family

There are many ways to rescue animals, from calling authorities to bringing only an injured or stray animal to a shelter.

This story is one of my favorites, and I’m pretty sure it will be yours too! Massive animal rescues are quite a challenge, but that hasn’t stopped these great animal warriors.

A beautiful baby elephant fell into a well. Once they could take him out, he was alone, and no one wanted to separate him from the family indefinitely.

Baby Elephant Who Lost His Family Gets Help

These rescuers do so he can reunite with his mom and family. It’s great, and I want to give them all a big hug and a giant trophy for being too genius! What a great story!

Here are some interesting facts about elephants:

– Elephants are the largest terrestrial mammal.

– They can live as long as 70 years old.

– Elephant skin is over an inch thick!

– Elephants have tusk-like we have a dominant hand.

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