Bad-tempered elephant hits baby with massive trunk before mum intervenes

An angry male elephant at.tacked and hit a baby with its giant hose twice before her mother intervened.

Photographer Duncan Noakes captured the violent outburst at Addo Elephant National Park on the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

The staggering footage shows a ferocious African Savannah elephant breaking an ordinary water hole together to at.tack a newborn baby no more than a week old.

The Giant Elephant spun around to hit the tiny infant’s back, causing the little child to cry out in pain before trying to sneak away.

Unfortunately for the child, he immediately entered the sight of the Angry Elephant for the second time, and he gave the baby another blow with its heavy trunk.

The screaming offspring was cherished by their mother, who had lifted her offspring from the lone bull that was not part of their herd.

“It was a hot, dusty, and dry day. The temperature was almost 40 degrees,” said Duncan.

“The baby was separated from the mother for a short time when the mother drank water.

“Babies seem very tired due to the sweltering conditions, and they seem a bit out of place and confused.

“So the big male elephant turned to the Elephant for comfort and protection, but instead of protecting the baby, the irritable Male Elephant beat the baby with its trunk.

“I think due to my heat and thirst, the elephant was not in a good mood.

“It was a surprise, and I immediately hoped that the baby was not harmed.

“The body of an Elephant can weigh up to 140 kg and is full of muscles.

“But it can also be used very subtly, as can be seen when the Mother Elephant pulled her offspring closer to her.”

Watch the video below:

Wild Baby Elephants with relaxing music

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