Caretaker tries to bath baby elephant and the struggle is adorably real

Elephants always attract our attention. Although they are known to be the largest land animals, their high intelligence, keen memory, and general friendly attitude towards humans have made them very popular on the internet.

But if there’s one thing people love more than elephants, it’s baby elephants. There are countless posts that show their innocent, playful attitude similar to puppies or even children, expressing emotions such as love, fear, and even playfulness, especially during bathtime.

A baby elephant is playing in its bathtub.

The Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal in Thailand, ran by a non-profit enterprise. Elephantstay is a sanctuary for old, retired, and dormant elephants where visitors can encounter, ride and play with giant creatures.

In a viral video posted by Claus Jørgensen, a baby elephant is filmed riding around during bathtime as tourists watched to their delight.

Although about the size of a small refrigerator, the baby elephant’s behavior was very similar to a mischievous puppy.

The baby elephant spent the entire video splashing and rolling around in the bright red tub as a concerned tourist gently cuddles and played with it. Then the lovely trunked creature stood and tried to get out of the tub before succeeding. After that, the baby elephant roams around, encountering other tourists with a friendly attitude.

The baby elephant continued to get in and out of the tub happily.
Later in the video, when the elephant is getting back into the tub, it actually went to the bathroom! However, onlookers remained enthralled with the large, immature elephant as it continued to roll. Soon, a mother and child ran over and kept spraying the elephant, clearly enjoying its luxurious treatment.

The video ends with the baby elephant stealing the hose for himself!

The baby elephant left the tub for the last time in the video, but not before taking the trunk from a bit with its trunk, almost pulling it away. The video was posted on YouTube by a tourist in March 2015 and garnered more than 15 million views and over 100,000 likes.

Baby elephants behave in such cute ways that they almost act like puppies, and with their ongoing popularity in viral animal videos, we’ll probably never get bored of them.

If you like elephants, then watch the extremely adorable video.

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