Chendra the elephant friends a sea lion at the Oregon Zoo captured on camera

On a morning stroll with some of her pals, Chendra, the smallest Asian elephant at the Oregon Zoo, noticed something enticing.

Gus, a sea lion at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, swam over to say hello when he stopped for a rest at Stellar Cove.

Chendra, on the other hand, was relieved that he did.

Nature And Wildlife Tv | Chendra The Elephant Friends A Sea Lion At The Oregon Zoo Captured On Camera

Adorable: Chendra – Oregon Zoo’s smallest Asian elephant – was delighted to meet Gus the sea lion during one of her morning strolls.

Chendra laughed and extended her trunk, as though to offer a handshake – seemingly for the purpose of greeting – Gus raised his head, looking ready for a neck tickle.

Unfortunately, this was the first and last time they would see each other when the zoo discontinued offering elephant walks in the morning.

According to the Zoo’s photographer, Michael Dunham, the pair was acquired in 2007. The image was not tampered with at all, he added.

The Asian elephant, which is smaller than its African counterpart, is in great danger of becoming extinct. They suffer from poaching, hunting, and a deterioration of their natural habitat.

Stellar sea lions are also at risk, according to the zoo’s website. Between 1965 and 1994, their numbers dropped by more than 80 percent.

Most North American porpoises are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, with about 67,000 or fewer in US waters today.

According to the zoo, pollution, habitat degradation, illegal hunting, boating, and fishing equipment entanglement are all dangers for sea lions in the wild.

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