Adorable moment clumsy baby elephant faceplants the ground

This clumsy baby elephant had an EL of a fall after faceplanting the ground.

David Serradilla Galindo, 44, captured the hilarious scene as the naughty calf tried to get the attention of his peers before slipping and then running in shame with his mother.

David, from Sevilla, Spain, captured the moment while in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

He said: “I felt delighted when I take the pictures because I was aware that I had experienced a magical and unique moment that few people can see or feel.

“Our usual South African guides, who has 50 years of hunting experience, have never seen it – documenting the complex human behavior of a baby elephant.

“Even though I see it or feel it when I go on safari, it’s challenging to convey this concept with pictures.

“This baby elephant behaved like a mischievous child.

“He is very excitable, running around disturbing other elephants with their occupations and games, splashing water and mud at others – a real thug trying to get the group’s attention.

“Suddenly, he slipped and fell and he was embarrassed and aware of the ridicule he faced.

“He got up quickly to find its mother, making sounds with the trunk as if to say ‘mom! Someone let the ground slippery, I have fallen and I injured myself.

“I think even adult elephants laugh at him.”

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