Curious baby elephants stopped to get a closer look at the tourist and protected by mom

An adorable pair of elephant calves got a little too close to a hunting jeep, prompting a worried mother to intervene.

A group of tourists visiting the Sabi Sand game reserve in South Africa received a greeting from a pair of cute and curious baby elephants.

The calves, clearly intrigued by the safari jeep, drew closer and closer to the amazed tourists.

It took a protective elephant to pull the cubs back with their trunks, or else the fearless baby elephants might have gone in a jeep with a professional hunting guide, 30-year-old Renain Venter.

Renain said: “We were hunting in a normal morning when we spotted a herd of Elephants in the distance.

“Not wanting to disturb them with morning activities, I decided to keep my distance and watch.

“After a few minutes, some babies were curious and decided to investigate the car.

“Just like small children, their mother and family members have to work very hard to keep them away.

“It is a wonderful feeling to be around the wildlife. If you give them space, they’ll let you know how comfortable they are. Obviously, the youngsters were very comfortable.”

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