Cute baby elephant caught play-fight when their parents look on

This is the adorable moment two baby elephants were caught roughhousing by their parents.

The cute couple rolled over for pinning and tripping over each other as they wrestle.

At one point, a responsible older elephant tried to break up the scuffle, but it’s to little avail, and it soon gave in.

Michelle Broadhurst and Jacques Joubert shot the video while they were visiting Northern Kruger National Park, SA.

“We’re self-sufficient again – we try to be in the park during off-season times when it’s very quiet, with only a few visitors in the park,” said Michelle.

“During our observations of elephants in the park, we noticed that after the waterhole or dam was reached, the little one only fell for a minute or two while the rest of the family or group drinking and cooling down.

“After that, they will start playing each other because they are not focusing on their drinking efforts because they are still suckling.

“They also play or swim in the water if the water is safely accessible. However, some action suggests that it could be a very early ranking exercise, especially amongst bull calves that continue for the rest of their lives.

“These fun fights are usually between physically equal-sized individuals. If an older elephant plays with a smaller one, the mother of the younger one will immediately step in and stop the action. Once again, is this our personal opinion.

“There was a herd of about 25 elephants of different sizes and generations engrossed in drinking and cooling off at the waterhole.

“It is not very rare, although it is very rarely captured on video.”

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