Cute baby elephant tattles to mom about dog annoying him

Sometimes animals can make the most bizarre of friends. It’s no secret that a dog can befriend just about anything. Let’s face it; the dogs can even be your best friend with inanimate objects!

What’s even more interesting is when young animals befriend other animals. In one lucky case of having time to play with animals, this little elephant loves a game of tagging with a local dog at Chiang Mai’s Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

Here the elephants are rescued and found sanctuary, and apparently, making hilarious races!

This mischievous poodle gets a real k.ick when it comes to attracting the attention of the baby elephant.

Of course, he is only a little faster than the calf and walks quickly as the calf tries to chase him. The little gray guy seems pretty confident that he can catch the dog and is not easily discouraged. Meanwhile, the older elephants are still watching, keeping an eye on the baby elephant.

The dog looks almost as smug as it does at the little elephant.

I mean, I let the dogs do the same thing to me. It’s one of their favorite games; Choose something that could never catch you and tease it to chase you. Like idiots, we fall into that state all the time… at least I am.

Literally, he’s running around in the calf!

Visitors who look at the baby elephant and the elephant elders laugh at the cub for their efforts. I’m sure that as this little guy gets a little older, that dog will definitely change his mind about giving this toddler a hard time!

Is this the equivalent of a bu.lly on school grounds?

I would say that the sounds like bu.llying in a textbook. However, the baby elephant seems just as happy as the dog. That said, the cub appears increasingly frustrated with not being able to catch the dog. He began to get grumpy like a tired toddler when he lost a game. If the baby elephant is anything like a human, we are just near a melting corner.

He swung his trunk at the dog in despair!

I guess he has over the dog the sizeable facial appendage his species is so lucky to have. However, he doesn’t seem quite adept at coordinating his trunk, and it humorously swings and swings as he spontaneously swings it at his playmate.

This is anger!

Frustration was overwhelming; when our baby elephant failed to catch up with the dog again, he k.icked the straw before an.grily throwing a few over his shoulder. Well, here it is, the inevitable an.ger toddlers cause when they’re not on the right track.

In the end, he had enough.

In the end, the disappointment was too much for our pachyderm friend to h.ack, and he threw himself into mom. Even the way he stomped his feet while sprinting was like an indignant human child, once again losing a game he had no chance of winning.

So our little elephant friend was de.feated. The dog wins. And now.

Watch the full video below to enjoy this curious white flower.

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