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Cutie baby elephant appears to smile for the camera

Say cheese! This adorable baby elephant radiates pure joy as he smiles brightly for the camera.

Photographer Ryan Labuschagne captured this moving photo while watching elephants play at Addo Elephant National Park near Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Ryan said: ‘To see this baby elephant running towards me, away from his mother and making eyes like this is an expression of true happiness.

“I was taking pictures when a herd of elephants ran towards the dam.

“The baby elephants ran beside their mother with so much energy and life.

“This young man, the youngest, ran towards me with his mother behind him.

“He went into a mock charge while running within five meters of me with his trunk swaying around.

“He stopped in front of me for a few seconds with what looked like a big smile.

“He was full of spirit and very confident.

“Photographing and watching baby elephants is always special, but this time it was different as I have never seen such a happy elephant before.”

Wild Elephants with relaxing music

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